There are no two identical leaves in the world, nor are there two identical people

We advocate health preservation through the use of ancient and traditional Chinese methods, offering individualized herbal products to address their unique Body Constitution.

Our Unique Health Concept

“Body Constitution”, a proven concept based on 30 years of exhaustive scientific research and rigorous clinical trials.

Body constitution lays the foundation for disease diagnosis, prevention and treatment

Different constitution types predispose individuals to different disease susceptibilities

Body constitution can be divided into nine types and can be adjusted

Knowing one’s body constitution is a most important step into obtaining optimal health, longevity and quality of life

Nature, our source of inspiration

Together with Professor Wang  (the principle inventor of Body Constitution) and his research team at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, we have developed an online system to assess and determine one’s Body Constitution type and a line of natural herbal products that are specifically designed to address those needs.

Empowered by nature

In collaboration with leading academic institutions. we combine nature, science and advanced manufacturing technologies to ensure a positive impact on your health, well-being and the environment.